Why There is No Such Thing as Paranormal

In the last two posts,  I have been talking mainly about paranormal and how the aliens have threatened to attack the humanity and take over the entire planet and all the natural resources that we have for many years been boasting about such as oceans and mineral ores. While there is a possibility that these kinds of attack may happen, there is still a sheer level of doubt about it.Here is why.


No Scientific Background

Can you wrap your mind around the fact that with all the technologically advanced equipment that we have and highly trained personnel that we are yet to nail these aliens? Doesn’t that sound out of this world and extremely absurd. The fact that we have not managed to get a hold of data that shows paranormal incidents occur is enough proof that they don’t!

Aliens are Myths

I will not waste my time telling you the countless number of sites and blogs that have deciphered some of the common myths that have plagued the world for decades. But what I will do with the few minutes that I have is to tell you that there are no aliens in the world and in fact the planets are all we have in this world. Believe me or not, the choice is yours but to some extent I am convinced that we have been fooled by the people who advocate so strongly about this matter.

There you have it, these are the two main reasons why I think believing in paranormal activity is nonsense.

How is Paranormal

What is paranormal? What does it take to be recognized as paranormal. This is one of the most common questions that people ask when this topic is brought about. To be honest, no body really has a clear definition of what is paranormal but most people are of the idea that paranormal is anything that is out of the normal.


The world today is filled with so many things that keep us on our toes. It is very important that you stay abreast of your surroundings at all times to avoid getting caught pants down by these evil and blood thirst paranormal characters.

Government Impact

The government need to however set us platforms or departments to specifically deal with these issues. Otherwise, the world will soon be attacked by aliens and we will not have a way of escaping. We will all die and the world will be taken by the people from the paranormal world.


There is also another story going rounds online and offline that paranormal incidents are caused by aliens who are currently planning to attack our planet? Is that really possible? Do aliens actually exist in the real world? These are some of the questions that keep me awake at night as I just cannot wrap my mind around the fact that there are creatures who roam the world day and night and we cannot see them with our naked eyes nor the modern surveillance cameras.

Only time will tell what will happen to our world.

What Will it Take to Fight Aliens

Reports reaching my desk is that aliens are in the process of launching a mega attack in the world at an undisclosed time. It is the high time that we take this reports seriously and start to prepare and grace ourselves for tough times ahead.

Here are some clues or ideas, “whatever you choose to call them” on what we can do to fight of aliens.

Make Lethal Weapons

Are we not the most sophisticated creatures in the world today and so we have the technology and the wisdom needed to create lethal weapons. I am not talking about the battle guns, we need more complex weapons that can take out anything that it comes across in a fly.


Form Coalitions

The Governments need to come together and sit around a table and discuss this matter once and for all. This is very easy as all they have to do is the heads of state to send emails to each other. The coalitions will greatly help to report incidents of aliens attack and facilitate prompt counter attacks to prevent damage. However, with so many warring countries, it is not as easy as it sounds unless we come together and understand that this is a major catastrophe.

Finally, we need to ensure that whatever we do does not in anyway anger the aliens. For instance the climate change menace need to be resolved fast to avoid further damage and threats. Those are my comments.

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