About Us



Thank you for taking time to visit our site. My name is Peter and I am the sole owner of this site. My main objective for creating this simple yet modern site is to provide you with all the information you need about the world within us. I established this blog to reach out to the millions of people from all across the globe through the internet as this is one of the most reliable sources of information. If you have another reliable source, I am all ears.

For many years, we though that the paranormal stories that we used to hear growing up were tales that had no meaning or were baseless. That is not the case anymore, scientific studies shows that indeed, there is a world that most of us would have never though of seeing. Probably because they say the world is near its end, that we are now seeing more evidence of this.

I use sources from the internet to write my articles. However, I do encourage people to send in images that are related to this topic provided that you give me the right to publish it. I will work smart to ensure that I sample them, but obviously, it is not possible to go through them all. I will only pick the best, no hard feelings though.

Finally, if you would like to contribute to this blog, feel free to comment and I will gladly contact you.

Thank you and see you soon