Why There is No Such Thing as Paranormal

In the last two posts,  I have been talking mainly about paranormal and how the aliens have threatened to attack the humanity and take over the entire planet and all the natural resources that we have for many years been boasting about such as oceans and mineral ores. While there is a possibility that these kinds of attack may happen, there is still a sheer level of doubt about it.Here is why.


No Scientific Background

Can you wrap your mind around the fact that with all the technologically advanced equipment that we have and highly trained personnel that we are yet to nail these aliens? Doesn’t that sound out of this world and extremely absurd. The fact that we have not managed to get a hold of data that shows paranormal incidents occur is enough proof that they don’t!

Aliens are Myths

I will not waste my time telling you the countless number of sites and blogs that have deciphered some of the common myths that have plagued the world for decades. But what I will do with the few minutes that I have is to tell you that there are no aliens in the world and in fact the planets are all we have in this world. Believe me or not, the choice is yours but to some extent I am convinced that we have been fooled by the people who advocate so strongly about this matter.

There you have it, these are the two main reasons why I think believing in paranormal activity is nonsense.

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