What Will it Take to Fight Aliens

Reports reaching my desk is that aliens are in the process of launching a mega attack in the world at an undisclosed time. It is the high time that we take this reports seriously and start to prepare and grace ourselves for tough times ahead.

Here are some clues or ideas, “whatever you choose to call them” on what we can do to fight of aliens.

Make Lethal Weapons

Are we not the most sophisticated creatures in the world today and so we have the technology and the wisdom needed to create lethal weapons. I am not talking about the battle guns, we need more complex weapons that can take out anything that it comes across in a fly.


Form Coalitions

The Governments need to come together and sit around a table and discuss this matter once and for all. This is very easy as all they have to do is the heads of state to send emails to each other. The coalitions will greatly help to report incidents of aliens attack and facilitate prompt counter attacks to prevent damage. However, with so many warring countries, it is not as easy as it sounds unless we come together and understand that this is a major catastrophe.

Finally, we need to ensure that whatever we do does not in anyway anger the aliens. For instance the climate change menace need to be resolved fast to avoid further damage and threats. Those are my comments.

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